■「Beyond Blockchainテクニカルプログラム」にて登壇を行いました。

2018年6月7日ベルサール六本木グランドコンファレンスセンターにて開催された「Beyond Blockchainテクニカルプログラム」において、弊社、トライデントアーツ株式会社 代表取締役 町浩二は、下記テーマに関する登壇を行いました。


※「Beyond Blockchainテクニカルプログラム」は、2017年10月11日にSBIホールディングス株式会社とSBI Ripple Asia株式会社と業界を超えて集結した24社のプログラム参加企業間において、共同でブロックチェーン・分散台帳技術(DLT)および仮想通貨等の先端技術に関する技術者の養成を目指し、開講するプログラムです。(参照元:http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/news/2017/1011_10831.html )


Trident-arts CEO, Mr Machi joined the “Beyond Blockchain Technical Program ” in Bellesalle, Roppongi Grand Conference Center on June 7, 2018 sharing his ideas on following topics:
■ Ethereum’s features: Blockchain – based, Smart Contract Platform
■ Ethereum latest updates: Dealing with scalability problems, latest trend of DApps

※ “Beyond Blockchain Technical Program (BBC Program) is an event launched by SBI Holdings and SBI Ripple Asia. Trident-arts is among other 24 notable participant companies on the BBC Program, along with various cutting-edge technologies likewise Blockchain/ Distributed ledger technology(DLT) and virtual currency leading companies.(Reference source:http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/news/2017/1011_10831.html )




東京都中央区京橋2-11-5 パインセントラルビル9F

We are pleased to announce that Trident-arts Co., Ltd Head Office has moved to the following address since June 6, 2018:
Address: 〒104-0031
Pine Central Building 9F, 2-11-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

■日本インターレジャーユーザ会(Interledger Users Japan)を立ち上げました。 We have launched Japan’s unique open community 「Interledger Users Japan」



ブロックチェーン等の分散台帳技術の相互接続に関する理解や、ビジネス活用に関する情報共有と創発を目的とした日本独自のオープンコミュニティ「日本インターレジャーユーザ会(Interledger Users Japan)」を立ち上げました。また、4月13日第一回のコミュニティイベント「Interledger Users Japan meetup#1」を実施しました。



■Facebookメンバーページ https://www.facebook.com/groups/959340880900407/


April 2018
We have launched Japan’s unique open community 「Interledger Users Japan」aimed at understanding the Interconnection of DLT(Distribution ledger technology)such as block chains and sharing and emerging information on business utilization.

In addition, we held the first community event “IInterledger Users Japan meetup # 1” to commemorate on April 13th.

The photo shows Meetup # 1 and Workshop # 1 performed just before launch.




Photos below, a state of Meetup # 1 executed just before launch.



November 20, 2017

We all heard about Fintech and, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain…We all know we’re living in the world with digital currencies and technical advancements every single moment. But how can we learn and earn from them? and how we can benefit from them?
Ripple’s Interledger Workshop Tokyo, the latest Ripple event, held on November 20, 2017 at Financial City Grand in Otemachi. An official meet up gathering IT industry representatives from beginning enthusiasts to well-known specialists

In three main sessions of talks, speakers gave an overview of ILP, ILP technical features, and enabled entrepreneurs to share their insight knowledge dedicated to cryptocurrencies dealing with future evolving.

In honor of coordinating with Ripple’s specialists. On behalf of Trident-arts. CEO Machi gave an explanation of how Interledger Demonstration Scope works.

In the next session, CTO Ohtake gave audiences a look of Interledger Demonstration Contents

To the end, CTO Ohtake announced upcoming services of Interledger provider, introduced by Trident-arts, firstly in Japan and expressed his ambition to expand into Asian market.