November 20, 2017

We all heard about Fintech and, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain…We all know we’re living in the world with digital currencies and technical advancements every single moment. But how can we learn and earn from them? and how we can benefit from them?
Ripple’s Interledger Workshop Tokyo, the latest Ripple event, held on November 20, 2017 at Financial City Grand in Otemachi. An official meet up gathering IT industry representatives from beginning enthusiasts to well-known specialists

In three main sessions of talks, speakers gave an overview of ILP, ILP technical features, and enabled entrepreneurs to share their insight knowledge dedicated to cryptocurrencies dealing with future evolving.

In honor of coordinating with Ripple’s specialists. On behalf of Trident-arts. CEO Machi gave an explanation of how Interledger Demonstration Scope works.

In the next session, CTO Ohtake gave audiences a look of Interledger Demonstration Contents

To the end, CTO Ohtake announced upcoming services of Interledger provider, introduced by Trident-arts, firstly in Japan and expressed his ambition to expand into Asian market.