My sincere salutation to anyone reading this.
The 3rd ”SHAIVOI” (member’s blog, “shain-no-voice”) is handled by THAO in charge of Global-Alliance.
To continue the storyline of our members, my pleasure to share my little story of as well as my career awareness and future vision.

As shortly experienced in a US Game company in Vietnam, I was totally seduced by IT possibilities to extend enormously in so many directions and change the world into a better place.Hence, I stayed in Global Alliance – PR position at TRIDENT-ARTS to enhance knowledges of the Industry, learn from others and assist, support members to efficiently work cross borders, enable cross collaborations, deliver our voice globally, especially with our brainchild product “RIGHTS”( ).

※”RIGHTS”:Innovative and new idea’s DApps(Decentralized Applications)service of direct&Interactive-marketing using cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.
Anytime, anyone, anywhere, easily can do their self-branding and start an unique and business directly to their fans on RIGHTS.

As well as we recently exhibited in several events namely Singapore Fintech Festival, UCIM (United Conference of Internet Money) and BlockShow 2018.

As having some chances of networking with Singapore-based companies, I’ve experienced the Singaporean work ethic: a very unique mix of old and new, Asian and Western.And I want to know more about it.I do hope our soon-to-come service “RIGHTS” will be widely welcomed and bring the true values for our society as the true meaning we’re working for.




私は、TRIDENT-ARTS入社前のベトナムの米国のゲーム会社で勤務経験を通じて、ITの持つ可能性の無限性・世界をより良く変えるその革新パワーに完全に魅了されました。その後TRIDENT-ARTSに入社。現在、IT業界に関する知識を自身であるいは周りのメンバーから学びながら、TRIDENT-ARTS主要事業である『RIGHTS』( )のGlobal Allianceに従事。メンバーの効率的かつ部門を超えたクロスボーダーワ―ク、クロスコラボレーションの実現のためのアシスタント業務を行っています。

※『RIGHTS』:ブロックチェーンなどの最先端の技術を用いた革新的かつ新発想のダイレクト&インタラクティブマーケティングDApps(Decentralized Applications)サービスです。 『RIGHTS』なら、いつでも誰でもどこでも簡単に、あなた独自のセルフブランディング&ニュービジネスが可能になります。

最近では、シンガポールのFintech Festival、UCIM(United Internet Conference of Internet Money)、Blockshow 2018などのいくつかのイベントに出展いたしました。